Managing software licenses requires a variety of deep skills, such as understanding the vendors’ licensing models, having technical insight in the environment, recognizing new technologies together with their impact on license requirements, understanding the financial and legal aspects of the agreements with the vendors, licensing terms, etc.

Software Consult offers consulting and professional services by providing skills and experience in these areas. Please consult our services portfolio here.

In order to be truly independent Software Consult does not resell any software.

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Did you receive an audit notification letter from a vendor? Or do you wish to self-assess your potential non-compliance risk?
Look into our services portfolio to see how Software Consult can help to perform the assessment and/or to manage the audit process.

Are you tired of making large and unexpected investments in software licenses?
Software Consult can help with a full risk assessment that looks into contract, potential non-compliance and overlicensing risks.

You do not wish to invest in in-house expert licensing skills ?
We provide full services and tooling to maximize your piece of mind.

Good software license management always yields opportunities to reduce costs.