Business Value

Software licensing services can deliver business value in different areas, as demonstrated in the following customer stories.


Transportation Sector

A transportation company had insufficient licenses for their collaboration environment. A deep dive into the contract data revealed that entitlements for one specific platform could not be found in the customer’s contract data,  and therefore had not been taken into account. Through working with the software vendor we were able to recover this entitlement.

As a result the initial liability was reduced by 10%.

Telecommunication Sector

A telecom and entertainment company had deployed a business intelligence product. The license structure for this software allows for many different roles which each require their own specific entitlement. We helped the customer map the required entitlement to each of the users.

As a result we removed the non-compliance liability that amounted to several hundred thousands Euros.

Industrial Sector

An automotive company had implemented virtualization technologies based on new hardware.
We have advised them to optimize the contract structure to better accommodate new technologies and to implement tools and processes to monitor the deployment of middleware products.

As a result the costs for running their applications were kept under control.


Financial Services Sector

At a large international bank the deployment of their e-mail application was not in line with their entitlement. An in-depth analysis of the inventory data revealed that an incorrect option was set in the installation process for the application. Errors in the customer’s entitlement data were also corrected.

The customer’s initial liability was reduced from several millions USD to less than one million USD.


Public Sector

A large public institution had to purchase a large amount of additional licenses for a core database product that is used in several self-written applications.

By optimizing the licensing on a very detailed level and by using all the available license metrics we were able to reduce the cost of the new acquisition by 25%. This represented a significant financial value for the customer.